Introducting Myself

Twitter sucks. The “fediverse” isn’t much better. They are designed in such a way that harassment and bullying is common, and even rewarded in terms of social capital. As for me, I’d like to check out a place that is different. That has a handle on harrassment and lets you be yourself, truly yourself, no matter how weird or different you are. Maybe this is the place? Or maybe it isn’t. Only time will tell.

And now for a little bit about me. My name is Xandra Penclaw. Or, well, that’s my pen name. My real name isn’t something I will be posting here. I am 29, a writer and tabletop RPG afficianado, a transwoman, a furry, and a 344ft tall lizard bug monster. Here are some sfw pictures of my character:

A pinkish purple anthropomorphic bug lizard

The same bug lizard wearing striped thigh-highs, black shorts, a purple t-shirt and round glasses

Expect some in character posts about being a giant lizard monster. Don’t expect me to be lewd or post porn just because I’m a furry. Do treat me with kindness or respect, and I will do the same with you. Do we understand each other? Good.

Now to get to the fun stuff: I’m currently working on and old school adventure gamebook that uses a modified d20 system. I’m doing this as part of a game jam on and I’m loving it so far. Expect updates as I work on this, because holy crap this is a fun project!

Anyway, hello to, hello to anybody following me from past platforms, and hello to anyone just seeing me for the first time! I’m excited and I look forward to being here.

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